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A one-time farmer and sea captain, I was struck down in the prime of my life with multiple sclerosis. I have fought against this disease, developing a unique diet and exercise régime which has helped me to progress toward recovery.

Read more about my story and my way back to health below, and share my secret for only £10 by buying my diet and exercise booklet (hard copy or electronic file).
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Capt. Jess Thomas

My Story

Firstly let me introduce myself to you. My name is Jess Thomas and before I was the victim of Multiple Sclerosis I was Captain of a large 100 foot pleasure cruiser owned by a wealthy Arab. I did this for a living and was Captain of many boats around the world. I always used to say I have been everywhere man, never paid a fare man, and this was true. I was very fit and tanned and enjoyed myself to the full. I have seen a lot of good things; also a lot of bad things, but being struck down by Multiple Sclerosis is the worst thing imaginable.

Going back to the beginning of my Multiple Sclerosis: when I was working in the Mediterranean, I developed a bad limp which I thought was caused by a burn I had received when I was delivering a boat from Grimsby to Southampton. We had picked up a piece of plastic that found its way into the cooling system of one of the engines. This burnt out a rubber impeller in the water pump. I had to replace this with a new one which was difficult enough when in the still water of a harbour but at sea it was very difficult indeed as it was so close to the bulkhead. To get to it I had to lie on a very hot manifold thus sustaining a terrible burn to my right leg to the bone. It was either that or drift on to the rocks.

Following this I bought my own 30 foot Bermudan sloop - a nice yacht. On the day of my birthday I was turned in my bunk sleeping when the anchor chain broke in a force 11 gale which had sprung up from nowhere. This was not very funny, especially as it was pitch dark and in the early hours of the morning. I was smashed against the rocks and was washed over the side and a big sea dropped the boat on top of me. I was on the bottom of the sea with the boat sitting in my lap with my legs trapped under the keel. I thought that this was the end and was on the last bit of air in my lungs when a kind swell lifted the boat just high enough for me to pull my legs from underneath and get my legs free, I then struggled to the surface for the best gasp of fresh air that I have ever had. When I reached the shore there were about sixty people there to rescue me - I did feel daft! I was bundled into a van and was taken to hospital suffering from hypothermia. Following my recuperation I returned to Cornwall to get my leg fixed but after many tests I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; at this point I thought that it was the end for me. When I was told by the Doctor what I had I thought that this was a terminal disease, but it is not.

After a period of time a lot of thought and asking a lot of questions, I, with my carer, devised a diet and exercise regime which has not only reversed the progress of the disease but which has seen me make considerable progress towards a full recovery. Read below how I discovered the way back to health. Full details of my diet and exercise plan are given in the booklet itself.

My Way Back to Health

After a period of time, a lot of thought, and asking a lot of questions, I, with my carer, found a gluten-free diet which seemed good. So after working it out and seeing that it was good, not to mention asking more and more questions about it, I decided to go on it.

About a couple of months later I found that I was improving. Slowly my hands, which were fists, were beginning to straighten and my hearing, eyesight, speech and smell started to come back. This was fantastic. The diet it was working.

I put my findings in the MS magazine and I had 650 enquires Many people thought that it would be an instant cure and that all would be well the next day, but of course it doesn't work like that. This diet helps your body to repair itself with no side effects. I will go into details later.

I also take a few vitamins to replace those that are lost when you get this disease. I also found out that yeast is no good for MS.

I tried and tested everything that is in the diet. Also you must do exercises to keep everything moving. Not too much, because it will knock you back to square one. Little and often applies to almost everything. I got up and walked for the first time on my birthday but the very same evening I had Gall stones which laid me low. Then I had to go into hospital with a poisoned liver which was caused by the stones. Just after I got back on my feet I had to have the gall stone sack removed. This also rendered me back at the bottom again, but now everything points to a full recovery. Everyday now there is something else coming back to life. It is fantastic. It is like coming back to life again. I can now stand at the toilet again - a thing a man must do. I can sleep all night again, get in and out of my car on my own. and even drive it. I can wind the windows up and down (a thing I was no longer able to do). My eyesight is back to normal - almost perfect. I can also wet shave and shower on my own: it is terrific, and I can put my shoes on again and tie the laces myself.

I get very annoyed with people (doctors included) who say MS is a degenerative disease. I have proved that at least you can stop it and also get well again. I can honestly say that I will be walking again soon. It is a long job and a struggle but it is definitely well worth it. Be patient. Don't rush. Take your time and eat in sensible amounts.

To date I have had a lot of people contact me by letter and by phone. Several are a lot better - some even walking again from a crumpled heap. People have contacted me from all over the world - as far as Australia, Zimbabwe, Israel, and the USA - all people who are willing to try the diet.

This has been very encouraging and I am now getting phone calls from people saying that their limbs are returning to normal. More proof that this diet does work.

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